Mixing up chemicals?
Yesterday's problem

Never before has it been easier, faster, and safer to check whether the chemicals in a container are of the right type, quality, and concentration.

Paul has a problem...

This is Paul.

Paul works in a microchip factory. Products are created here that enrich our everyday lives: without them, many of our new technologies, such as robotics, sensor technology, or IoT, would not even be possible.

Paul uses a variety of hazardous and sensitive chemicals in the different production processes. Things have to run perfectly.

A mix-up could be disastrous.

A mix-up at a dispensing station can lead to severe accidents.

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It only takes one mistake!

It only takes one mistake when looking at the label for the wrong container to be chosen. Unclear or damaged labels make mistakes even easier...

More is needed than barcodes and mechanical key codes.

The systems Paul already uses, such as barcodes and mechanical key codes, offer limited safety.

Barcodes are not protected against manipulation and cannot be integrated smoothly into supply chains.

Mechanical key codes provide initial protection but are limited in number and cannot distinguish chemical concentrations and quality.

Paul wants safety.

Paul is safety-conscious. He wants to eliminate this danger to protect his colleagues, the plant, the products, and himself.

How can Paul solve his problem using SupplyLine?

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Even the delivery is smart:
All information is stored ready for connection

Paul's chemical supplier stores all the important information on each container, such as the chemicals, concentration, and quality, in advance. This is done simply via an RFID chip on the container or directly in the integrated AS dip tube.

Scanning is fully automatic:
No additional interventions needed

When Paul connects the container to its dispensing station, the system automatically checks whether all the data on the container and station match.

Did Paul connect the right chemistry?


Perfect! A release signal is automatically sent to the system controller. The pump can be started, and the container emptied.


No release signal is sent to the controller, and Paul cannot start the pumping procedure.

Problem solved!

Paul is happy. With smart technology, he optimized the processes and protected his colleagues and machines. The microchips they produce have helped make these smart features possible in the first place.

SupplyLine reliably prevents mix-ups. Safe, simple, fully automatic.

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