Container expired? No longer a problem!

Now you can prevent expired containers from leaving your company, fully automatic.

Kim has a problem...

This is Kim.

Every day, Kim and her colleagues create valuable substances in the form of liquid chemicals. These important products make it possible for aircrafts to fly, computers to calculate, and medicines to heal.

Nonetheless, risks are always present. Injuries may result from handling these substances, even the packaging is under a risk of damage every time it is handled.

Kim is concerned.

Kim often worries about people getting seriously injured by a damaged container and its environmental impact.

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It only takes one mistake!

Kim has attached large stickers to old containers so that they do not leave the company. Even so, the number of containers sent out every day is so large that one can easily be overlooked. It only takes one mistake when looking at the label espacially if they are damaged in in hard to read places.

Playing it safe at the expense of sustainability

In frustration, Kim starts to use the containers one way as a precaution. This is a waste and sustainability suffers.

Surely there is a better way!

Kim has a brainwave: Why not just check the containers at the point they always have to pass, i.e. the filling station!

How can Kim solve her problem using SupplyLine?

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Smart containers:
with expiry date and test date

Using SupplyLine, Kim can store an expiry date for every container. This is done simply via an RFID chip on the container or directly integrated in the AS dip tube.

Fully automatic scanning:
before it is too late.

Kim connects the container to the filling station. The expiry date of the container is checked automatically using the SupplyLine system.

Is the container still good?


A release signal is sent to the system controller. The pump can be started and the container filled.


No release signal is sent to the controller. Kim cannot start the pumping process and the container is not filled.

Problem solved!

Kim can sleep better at night. Knowing that SupplyLine prevents containers from being used past their expiration date.

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