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Dip Tube Data

A retrieval of data is only possible for dip tubes with integrated RFID chip.

How it works

It is that easy to read the RFID chip with different readers and access the Dip Tube Data.

Your benefits

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in case of complaints, recall actions etc.

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of the dip tube data to the order data

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the date of manufacture or shelf life

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whether the correct dip tube is installed in each container

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that dip tubes are coded to the correct chemical

Our answers to your questions

What kind of reader is required?
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A RFID reader that can read low frequency (LF) transponders. There are readers that can be connected to a PC/smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth or cable or even "all-in-one" smartphone style devices that are directly internet-capable.

What if I do not have a reader?
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The serial number is engraved on the top of each dip tube. Simply read off the number and enter it by hand in the input field. We can also help you with the selection of a suitable reader.

Which of my dip tubes have a RFID chip installed?
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Since the second quarter of 2020 many dip tubes from AS Strömungstechnik are equipped with a RFID chip as standard. The dip tubes are easy to identify: the RFID chip is encapsulated in a green plate and integrated on the top of the dip tube.

Can data be read out unintentionally?
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The diptube tube data that can be called up here only refer to the properties of the dip tube as well as to batch-related data. Information that could be traced back to the customer's order data is not displayed.